Dry Hair Because of Regular Bleaching

Dry Hair Because of Regular Bleaching

Bleached hair should be taken better care not to be damaged by changing the habit of washing hair 2 to 3 times a week, regularly incubating hair with conditioner, cream, trimming the tail hair every 2-3 months . The trend of hair bleaching and hair coloring now flourishes when young people adore idols with sparkling pink / platinum hair colors and are very eye-catching. However, if you do not use quality hair dye and hairdressing in unreliable salons, your hair will also be damaged. I will tell you 5 ways to condition hair, restore hair to help dye hair, bleached hair smoothly.

Harm of bleaching hair

The hair bleaching process removes moisture from the hair. When bleaching, the drug will soak into the hair to expand the hair, the hair cuticle will be broken. Hair will be more porous, prone to dry, broken. The most dangerous is that regular hair removal for a long time can lead to changes in skin color, risk of cancer, endocrine disorders …

According to experts, to keep the scalp safe and still have fashionable hair color, the best way is to perform bleaching, dyeing every 6 months. When bleaching hair to dye it again, it must be done at a reputable address, high-quality workmanship, quality assurance. Avoid cheap bleaching, large bleach concentrations adversely affect health.

Dry Hair Because of Regular Bleaching

5 Tips to help you recover hair after hair bleaching

Remember to avoid hot hair

Hair after bleaching / dyeing is damaged more or less, so try to minimize the thermal impact on the hair right now. Remember, styling tools such as curling irons, straighteners or dryers are all enemies of hair after bleaching / dyeing. Not to mention the high heat that will make you lose your hair color, especially for fashion dyes.

In case you need to use heating tools, do not forget to condition your hair with essential oils to replenish nutrients and use heat spray to create a protective film for the hair.

Trimming hair to make bleaching / dyeing stronger

The chemicals from bleach / dye easily make the hair brittle and very easy to split ends. Therefore, please trim the tail often. When restocking your roots, make sure to re-apply only the color of the new roots, avoiding bleaching.

Also do not forget to protect your hair from the sun because after bleaching, the amount of melanin in the hair is also significantly reduced, making the hair’s ability to protect itself weaker than normal. Therefore, remember to carefully shield your hair in the sun because “hair is weak, do not go out in the sun”.

Choose the right shampoo for dyed hair only

After dyeing your hair, especially for colors like platinum, pink, red, … then surely you can not continue using shampoos for normal hair. These product-specific shampoo hair removers / dyes would be an ideal replacement at this time. In particular, girls who bleach their hair or dyed their hair brightly should use purple shampoo because it has the ability to help the hair retain its color depth, fade away, prevent the hair from becoming yellow-orange.

Proper shampooing is 2-3 times / week

This is probably what the hairdresser in the salon has also advised after bleaching / dyeing your hair. If you wash your hair right after dyeing, the color chemicals that have not yet penetrated into the hair can wash off immediately. The “abstinence” of shampooing after you F5 for hair is usually about 2 to 3 days.

In addition, if you previously had a daily shampooing habit, it is best to give up this habit after bleaching / dyeing. You should only wash your hair 2 – 3 times a week to avoid fading the color and minimizing damage to the hair. In addition, keep in mind that washing your hair with hot water is paramount for any dyed hair as it will fade the dye.

Most importantly, you have to condition your hair

Once you have decided to remove / dye your hair, weakening hair is inevitable. Therefore, if you want to maintain dyed hair color and a healthy, shiny hair, pay special attention to hair care. If you do not have the conditions to go to salons to perform the steaming treatment, you can also warm your hair at home to add moisture and protein to the hair.

In addition to the hair care tips for dyed hair above, you should also note that when dyeing, the distance between the two dyes is not too close to each other, minimize the hair dye to the skin and remember to remind the salon to use it. nylon gloves when dyeing.