Can You Bleach Hair After Using Color Remover

Can You Bleach Hair After Using Color Remover

People started giving more importance to their skin and hair, and they are super beauty conscious. Among so many beautiful things they do, bleaching is one of the processes which are nothing but whitening the fabric. It is just removing the natural color of your hair. You should select any of the chemicals to which your composition of chemical fibers suits your hair. This can be achieved by doing oxidation and by destroying the natural colors. You need to use the hair dye remover and know what the effects it causes if you bleach it immediately.

Know the Complete Procedure of Dye Removing and Bleaching and Make Your Hair Look Beautiful!

Can You Bleach Hair After Using Color Remover

Do Not Rush Yourself

Everyone has a significant doubt that is after using a color remover, is that okay to do bleach your hair. It would be best if you did anything only after profound research on it. If you do it just like that, then you are going to face the terrible end. In this article, I would tell you something which you would need to know when you have the plan to bleach your hair. Rushed decisions may lead you to face a bad and also a tragic end. The reason why I am telling this is that you should not bleach your hair after using a color remover because it is not a good idea.

At least you have to wait up to ten days to bleach after using a color remover in your hair. In the middle of ten days, you can do any of the therapeutic treatment for your hair. You can undergo this treatment for once, and this is recommended for you to do.

Ten days is so long?

Many people feel these ten days is so long period for them. If you are the one among them, I would like you to shoot one question to you is, do you people think that your hair is that capable of facing two treatments at the same time? If your hair is healthy and thick, you should not believe that it would resist two treatments in a day. And if you are that confident with your hair, then it is okay. You can try it, but I would tell you that it is you who has the face the consequences later. Many people who have experienced these two treatments at the same time have shared only their sad tale regarding it. If not, you can ask any of your friends and family members to know their own experiences about their bleaching after removing their hair color.

These people would share only their disasters with you and also would share that there is no one to advise them before going through this process. But you have this article to know what would happen if you try this most dangerous thing. The dye which you use for hair coloring would be something that does not contain any of peroxide or ammonia. This chemical would work on the outer part of your hair. It raises your cuticles and let them deposit with the new pigment on your nose. This would make to remove all the moisture that your hair has and also the nutrients.

Can You Bleach Hair After Using Color Remover

Know The Procedure First

When the hair condition is weak and if you add some more color to the damaged, what would be the hair strength? Just imagine, you keep on damaging your cuticles and hair. This would make your hair completely dry, and also it would weaken your hair growth. Most of the time, this would happen in the middle of your hair and at the end because these layers are susceptible. Finally, you would go with bleaching the next day or within the next few days. You cannot even imagine what your hair would go through. You can think like this would happen if you have a cold and would you like to go for a walk in winter? Not at all, you know well that you would get not only cold but also pneumonia.

Same with this case, that is, if you do hair coloring and bleaching on the same day, then your hair would become weaker, damaged, and worthless.

Everything needs some time, and without giving out some time to set your color, if you continue to bleach your hair, think, how badly you are torturing your hair. You would end up like you do not need any dye on your hair, but it is enough to get back hair before it would become bald. So here, I have given some steps that you should do to prepare your hair between bleaching and removing the hair colors.

Which You Need to Know

I would make you clear that it is not dangerous to bleach after using a hair dye on your hair, but it is essential to follow some steps.

As I said above, it is essential to wait for almost seven to ten days after you have removed the color dye with the hair dye remover that is after finishing one process you have to wait and do the next one. The reasons are as follows:

  • The first thing is when you remove the color of your hair; it would become scorched because you have applied pigments.
  • The hair dye would take off all the moisture in your hair and also the natural oils which the hair produces.
  • You are about to use peroxide on your hair, which can take off all the nutrients and moisture of your hair.


Finally, if you love your hair, after dying or removal of the color of your hair, you need to nurture it, and so it can able to get back its strength and reproduce the nutrients, oils, and moisturizes itself. Olaplex 1 and 2 are something which you can buy in salons. You should apply this once in a day on your hair after the removal of dye. This would help you to get back healthy and strong hair. If you feel it expensive, then you can go with coconut oil, which is the best moisturizer, helps cuticles to grow faster, and then you can go for bleaching.

I want to conclude by saying that sometimes give for your hair to get back the breath and care for it till it becomes enough strong and healthy so that it would get the capacity to tolerate the other process, which is called as bleach.